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Are you aiming for a better job opportunity in UAE? Then to begin with, you must furnish a great CV or Resume and detailed cover letter written and formatted by expert CV makers of CV Writing or Resume Writing who have expertise in preparing and creating eye-catchy CVs to grab the attention of prospective employers or HR Managers.  They are reliable and qualified CV makers that have expertise in dealing with CVs or Resume.  They highlight and present all the essential, appropriate and suitable experience and skills, education and training, achievements and goals in a very unique layout.

Expo 2020 is almost near, and there is a positive growth in the economy and job market as well.  In today’s UAE job market, more than thousands of applicants are seeking for job. Some of which, may be your competitors for the same field of the job you are applying into.  CVs or Resume are received by the HR Managers, recruiters or prospective employer almost every day for the vacant job posted.  So, how would stand out from the rest of the candidates?  You should have an impressive, well-formatted, well-written CV by experts of CV Writing or Resume Writing to get noticed by the HR Managers or recruiters and get shortlisted for the next round of interview or test.

For job searching, you can browse through various job websites like Jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah UAE. The portal, Jobs in UAE is an online websites that makes your job searching much easier.  You can also submit your CV or resume on this portal and even browse all the information in seeking jobs from job position, company name, location and job requirements.

On the job-interview Body Language sets a vital role.  In most cases, during the interview because of nervousness applicants forget what he or she needs to say and the tendency her body says it too.  Controlling the words that you want to impart is much easier than what actually your body wants to say. As experts says of Job Interview Training in Dubai, that almost half of 100% of communication is the movement of your body, the voice tone is 40%, and the remaining 10% is how you throw your words verbally.  Meaning, the non-verbal communication which is the body language plays an important part in the interview.

Expo 2020 with the help of Job Interview Training in Dubai provided some body language tips on the job interview:

  1. Be confident. You need to be prepared, focus, and look professional as you enter the premises or office of the interviewer.  You are being judged as you arrived and walk in the office, to see how your body movements changes.
  2. Firm handshake. Not too gentle not too strong. A smile would be plus factor with relax, firm and warm handshake. Don’t stooped down, maintain eye-contact when introducing yourself to the interviewer.
  3. Proper Posture. Stand and sit straight, and never cross your arms. Don’t sit too relax, slightly lean forward, sit an angle not to straight to the interviewer.
  4. Maintain an eye-contact. Usually recruiters or interviewers are looking for unspoken and unlettered hint in your face and body movement. Keeping an eye-contact shows that you are listening and interested.
  5. Gentle Smile. It will make you feel relaxed, comfortable and helps release tension or nervousness. Simply, your smile makes a thousand points to be more likable.

Bear in mind, that interviewers only see non-verbal communication, means your body language, they don’t definitely see from within – your feelings.  So, it’s up to you how to promote yourself with confidence and take advantage of your body language.


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