Business letters and forms are needed by all businesses, no matter how large or small. While large corporations typically have dedicated teams of writers working for them on these projects, smaller businesses often suffer. Not only do they not have access to such an experienced team, their resources are also often limited. But no need to worry, help is at hand. WRITING4U is especially geared to help such fledgling businesses achieve success. In conjunction to providing help in writing business plans, we also offer these services.


Our writers are familiar with both the major formats of letter writing: Block and Indented. In the UAE, both formats are popular, but there are specific uses of each type. Should you choose our services, you never have to worry about these issues.

We have, had a large number of clients who needed us to write business forms for diverse items. This has led to our specialization in this niche. We usually have on hand, a large number of set templates to which we fit your business letter. This makes projects go a lot faster.

We, though writers, are also consumers. This means that we have a fairly strong idea about consumer psyche. We know the annoyances commonly associated with business forms. We write consumer friendly forms that are always easy to fill.

Effectively crafted letters and forms convey your professionalism. Allow our experts to help you and watch your reputation rise.


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English not being my first language used to affect a lot of my time in written correspondence. Thanks to the professional support by WRITING4U which helps me in writing my emails, letters, forms, memo etc. It saves a lot of my time now.