Apart from conducting great research, it is extremely important to share it with others. One of the greatest aspects of science is sharing it, so that other researchers can find out about the latest developments in their fields. Well – written research papers also get cited more often and garner fame for the authors. In the academia of UAE, great importance in accorded to research papers, and they have a profound impact on the researcher’s career, right from the start.


Effective Research Papers:

Sometimes, due to English being a second language, researchers are unable to write research papers well – enough to generate the impact they deserve. This often leads to some groundbreaking research being overlooked.

Elements of a Paper:

Our writers are very used to writing research papers on diverse topics. They understand the elements of a good research paper and incorporate them into the paper.

Abstract & Introduction:

Our experts include all the key points discussed in the paper in the abstract. They set the stage for the research via an introduction that clearly details the need for the research and a basic background of the research that has already been done on the topic.

Materials & Methods:

Then they move to the Materials and Methods section. This is written based on material sourced by the researcher. But, our writers can write it in an easy to understand fashion.

Results & Discussion:

Then, we present the Results and Discussions section. We tie these in together so that they go well together. This is one of the most critical sections of the research paper and we treat it as such.


Finally, we end the paper with a great Conclusion, reinforcing the claims made in the discussion.

With our writers, familiar in all referencing styles including APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago, you are sure to get a great research paper, with no copied content at all.


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Mai Al Muhairi, Ahmed Al Sabri

We were supposed to do a 6000 words research paper on Culture and Innovation. WRITING4U helped us to critically analyze the literature review, interpret the findings well and come up with useful recommendations on the paper.

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