Different Types of Essays

Essays are a gratifying and difficult kind of writing frequently assigned as homework, which also necessitates some preparation or as assignments in class, which calls for prior planning, practice, and creativity from the student. Many badly written essays have resulted from a lack of confidence and preparation. However, by getting expert Essay writing help in Dubai, students can avoid the discomfort frequently connected to writing essays.

What is an Essay?

Essays are shorter writing assignments that frequently require the student to polish various abilities, including close reading, analysis, argument, clarity, conciseness, and exposition. Students who aspire to excel in essay writing stand to gain a great deal, as this list of qualities demonstrates. It could be useful to think of an essay as the opposite of a research paper to motivate pupils to create ideas and concepts in their writing with minimal guidance from anything other than their thoughts. As a result, essays must have a clear goal and direction because they are (by definition) brief. 

Below are the different types of essays:

1. Argumentative essays

An extended, fact-based argument is presented in an argumentative essay. It calls for a compelling thesis statement and a definite position on your subject. Your goal is to persuade the reader of your thesis through analysis and supporting evidence, such as quotes. Argumentative essays evaluate your capacity for independent thought and the presentation of your own opinions. At the college level, this is the most typical format of Essay Writing in Dubai; almost all of your papers will require some form of reasoning.

2. Expository essays

According to professional essay writers in UAE, an expository essay offers a concise, in-depth justification of a subject. It only requires a well-organized, impartial perspective—a novel argument is unnecessary. Expository essays assess your knowledge of a subject and your aptitude for information organization and communication. These are frequently given in high school assignments or as part of college exam questions. An expository essay’s introduction states the topic and gives some background information; the essay’s body contains the details; and the conclusion compiles the previously discussed information.

3. Narrative essays

Any essay that tells a story is considered narrative. Usually, this is a narrative based on your personal experience, but it might also be a creative discussion of a non-personal encounter. Essays that tell stories to test your ability to develop a story in an interesting, organized manner. They are far more creative and personal than other forms of academic writing. Writing a narrative essay and a personal statement for an application calls for similar writing abilities. Although a narrative essay does not have to be organized into an introduction, body, and conclusion, it should start with establishing the story and summarize the lesson you took away from the event or the reasons it impacted you.

4. Descriptive essays

An in-depth, sensory account of anything is given in a descriptive essay. They let you be more creative than most academic writing, just like narrative essays, but they are also more narrowly focused. Instead of narrating the entire story, you could explain a particular item or location. Writing descriptive essays requires you to utilize language creatively and to choose words that effectively paint a vivid image for the reader of what you’re describing. Although a descriptive essay might have a very loose form, it should often start with an introduction to the subject of the essay and conclude with a summary of the topic. The key is describing your object uniquely using figurative language and thoughtful word selections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know what type of essay to write?

You may frequently be instructed to produce a particular kind of essay in high school and in university writing programs, but you may also be given suggestions. Look for terms that imply a certain strategy in these prompts: Writing an essay that is explanatory is suggested by the phrase “explain,” but writing a descriptive essay is implied by the word “describe.” An argumentative essay could be inspired by the terms “argue” or “assess.”

2. Can I get someone to write my essay?

Yes, paying someone to write your paper is entirely safe and reliable, especially when you choose professional and trusted essay writing services in Dubai, like Writing4u.ae.

3. How much should I pay someone to write my essay?

You should expect to pay AED 1.50 per word to have someone write a paper professionally for you.