So, you gave a great job interview. You are sure that you outshone your competitors and have the strongest chance of scoring the job. In the UAE, it is a must to write a letter of thanks after every interview. It is simply the Arab culture, the correct and polite thing. Also, the job letter counts towards the impression you make on the interviewer. It would be a shame to lose out on a great job just because of a poorly worded or ill – timed letter of thanks. Luckily, we are here to help!


WRITING4U team comprises of the Resume writers, who have actually served as recruiters, head hunters and even Human Resource Department associates. Thus, they have been through millions of similar applications.

They know exactly what a recruiter expects and know what will make the thank you letter seem gracious.

Another extremely important thing that our writers know is balance. Balanced writing is essential to write a letter that coveys just the right amount of graciousness. While a letter should be gracious enough, it should not be too gracious. This gives an unprofessional image and conveys sycophantic behavior on the applicant’s part.

Time is of essence! The norm is to write thank you letters within 24 hours or less. We understand this and hence treat these projects with the utmost priority.

We can customize the letters to really reflect what went on during the interview. If you provide us with a few details about the interview, we can write specific incidents which really help you personalize the letter, making it more effective.

While a well – written thank you letter is a sure shot way of staying in the recruiter’s mind even after the interview, whereas a poorly written one is the best way to lose out on a job. Use our services and confidently send out a brilliant thank you note.


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I usually get all my urgent Letters written by WRITING4U. They are always available, day and night, weekends and holidays…Simply, you can reach them 24/7 at all times without turning you down. They are prompt, efficient, approachable and entirely reliable.