The power of digital technology has completely changed the way of hiring professional individuals all over the world. In order to embrace the innovation and adapt with the technological change, is now offering a professional service to produce a creative and compelling Video CV in UAE.

What is a Video CV?

A video CV is a one-minute or less – short video that showcases the value you can contribute to the company such as your professional work experience, educational attainment, key qualifications and contact details. has become one of the leading Video CV Making Company in Dubaihelping many professionals to create a long lasting impression that exceeds what a traditional CV can do.



Benefits of Having a Winning Video CV in UAE

Your ultimate goal is to stand out over the highly competitive job market at this present time. Having a video CV in Dubai can visually show everything you have accomplished. By submitting a video CV in Abu Dhabi, you can increase your chances to get noticed by hiring companies which will result on being shortlisted or getting a job interview. Our expert Video CV Makers in Dubai can create a strong video CV that will effectively represent you as a professional.


Video CV in Dubai can inform more accurate description of your overall expertise by stating your set of skills and qualifications. When you choose to take a valuable service from a Video CV Making Company in Dubai like, you can go beyond conventional approaches on finding a job and enlarge your chances to grab the ultimate dream job.


One of the other main benefits when you make a video CV in UAE is that it will give you an edge among other applicants. With great features of Video CV in Abu Dhabi, it will be a great compliment to your well-crafted CV. has a team of professional video CV makers in Dubai who are technologically savvy individuals who possessed great knowledge of latest trends.


Take advantage of having a Video CV in UAE, by contacting us now and let us start working on a video CV in Dubai that will help you in securing your future.


Video CV –

In today’s digital age, hiring managers have started to fully embrace the function of a video CV that effectively helps them to get an overview of every job applicant’s qualifications. The latest trend of creating unique, eye-catchy and graphical video CV making in UAE can add value on presenting yourself briefly to employers and make you a distinguished qualified candidate. is the leading CV Writing Company in UAE where we keep up with current trends in bringing solutions that delivers innovation, excellence and customer satisfaction.


What is a Video CV and how does it benefits you?


Video CV is an innovative way for job applicants to highlight their expertise beyond the capabilities of conventional curriculum vitae.


Below are the benefits why you need to create a video CV for yourself:

  • Unique & Effective Approach – Getting the attention of employers is the ultimate stepping stone to get noticed. Submitting a creative video CV, in addition to your well-crafted CV will create more impact to any job recruiters to definitely look at your profile.
  • Online Visibility – Increasing your visibility in a digital platform will be an added advantage for you over many job applicants. With a video CV, you will absolutely achieve this objective by showcasing what sets you apart such as your work experience, achievements, and qualifications.
  • Impress Employers in Just 1-Minute – Job recruiters or employers spend only 6 to 30 seconds to read a traditional CV for the reason that they know exactly what to look for. Having a video CV will showcase relevant information about you such as your education, work experience, strong expertise, achievements and your contact details in less than 60 seconds.
  • Represent Yourself As A Tech-Savvy – Nowadays, companies are looking for employees who are creative, flexible, talented and technologically knowledgeable. Sending a video CV can portray you as a tech savvy professional.
  • LinkedIn – The benefits of having a LinkedIn profile are endless as it helps you to gain more exposure to hiring managers and recruiters. Incorporating your video CV as an embedded media to your LinkedIn profile will increase your online personal brand.
  • YouTube – Imagine a YouTube channel created for you where job recruiters can easily access your video CV. What you just need to do is to send your YouTube link or upload your video to any company sites.


It’s time to upgrade and grab the ever-increasing benefits of taking a professional Video CV Services in Dubai. provides the best Video CV Making in UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Fujairah, RAK, Ajman).




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