Each and every major company maintains a healthy blog or magazine, updated regularly. This is a great way of both connecting with existing customers and acquiring new ones. A well – written magazine or blog with some basic SEO can work wonders for a company’s profile and website. Having a regular readership also allows you a healthy audience to advertise to, absolutely free. This is essential to be successful in UAE’s competitive market.


Well – Researched Content:

WRITING4U provides with well – researched articulate articles that are very well – written. This is needed in order to keep your regular readers captivated.

Keyword Research:

Our writing team have some great keyword research software at their disposal. Thus, they can easily raise your website’s page rank in a search engine. This is necessary for increasing the visibility of your website.

Relevant Traffic:

Our writers can provide you with some great tips to help improve traffic to your blog. These include suggesting websites to syndicate your content, advertising in the right social networking groups and all in all, drive RELEVANT readers to your website. This is obviously essential to turn visitors into customers.

Magazine Content:

WRITING4U understands the exact type of content that the average magazine reader likes to read. The content should be unique, fun and have some kind of knowledge quotient.

Website Management:

In the UAE, with a large young population, it is becoming increasingly essential to manage a strong website. We help you achieve this goal.

Regular Write – ups:

WRITING4U can help provide you a regular service. Here, you would regularly get a relevant article on a particular topic, based on a schedule you decide. This could be daily, weekly, fortnightly or even monthly! This helps you plan both your blog and magazine.

Running a successful company blog takes a lot of time and effort. We understand that you need to concentrate on running your business. To ensure that your company blog or magazine does not take a backseat, we suggest hiring our expert writing services.


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I used to always want to maintain a blog for my company. But, unfortunately, I was just too busy. Writing4U solved that problem for me and helped my business grow dramatically. Many blog readers became customers.