Any established business owner, before launching a new product, undertakes market research. It is the wise thing to do. In a diverse country like the UAE, it is even more important. Every market is different and the demographic the product caters to should be understood in every region. The product should then be positioned accordingly in the market. Our detailed market research can help you compare your product with that of competitors. We not only provide an exhaustive similar product analysis, but also a detailed list of the prices of competitor products.


Need Analysis:

We begin by identifying the exact data that you need to successfully launch your product in a new market. This is generally  done by having a detailed conversation with you.

Data Collection:

We then start collecting relevant data. This is done by way of online surveys or telephonic conversations. Though we can find interviewees ourselves, it is much better is you provide us with these to stay more relevant.

Data Analysis:

We then perform analysis of the data, typically using SPSS. The type of analysis to be conducted is determined by the kind of result desired and / or based on your requirements.

Data Interpretation and Presentation:

After this, we interpret the analyzed data and present it in an easy to understand format. This includes adding graphs, charts, etc. This helps you make wise decisions regarding the marketing of your product and allows you to forecast the market for your product to a certain extent.

Choosing Writing4U to conduct your market research in UAE, analyze and present it is a great decision. It insulates you from incurring any large losses due to an unviable market. Also, at the low prices and the unlimited revisions provided by us, you are sure to be satisfied.


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Turkish Bake-well Ltd.

We had to launch a new product in UAE market. I hadn’t the slightest clue about how to conduct market research and feasibility study. Writing4U supported us the whole way. They were very professional and really helped us understand the scope of my product.