“A CV without a Cover Letter is like an Expensive Business Suite without a Tie.”

One of the greatest battles to having your resume read by a prospective employer is writing a great cover letter. While a large number of cover letter writing services are out there, very few offer a service like WRITING4U in Dubai. Thanks to our diverse team of writers, we have with us, some HR experts who are more than well qualified to write a winning cover letter.


WRITING4U write cover letters that work in the UAE. Like other regions, the GCC also has certain technicalities that need to be recognized when applying for jobs.

Cover letters written by us get you noticed! Our cover letters are well crafted and so compelling that all our clients are called in for interviews.

We focus on the details. Over time, we have learnt that it’s the little things that make a difference. Our cover letters are written with this philosophy, resulting in a high quality product.

WRITING4U understand the importance of a cover letter writing in UAE. While other services focus solely on the resume, we know that the cover letter decides if the resume will even be read or not. Thus, we accord it the importance and time it deserves.

With many years of experience, our writers are capable of crafting cover letters of different formats, and, for different positions. This allows you to apply for any job with loads of confidence.

Our cover letters give you a fighting chance. Knowing the competition in today’s job market, we can make your cover letter so professional, that it stands out.

UAE is a great place for jobs. No matter your field, you can be sure to find a job to fit. All you need is a great cover letter. Choose us and make your dream a reality.


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Raj Malhotra

Searching for a job is giving me too much stress. After browsing in the internet, I found WRITING4U and with no second thought, I approached them for help. They updated my resume and created for me an impressive Cover Letter that not only resulted in an interview, I actually got the job! Thank you, WRITING4U!