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Are you a company in the UAE looking to have your training material on management, English, customer service, personality development, leadership skills, HR, UAE Labor Laws, Supervisory and Managerial Skills, Effective Telephonic Skills, Secretarial Skills for Executive Secretaries and PA’s, etc., written? You’re in luck! We do just that. Writing4U has been working for a long time now and has a team of highly specialized writers who can easily create compelling content in a short period of time.

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Our writers are extremely versatile and experienced. Thus, they are able to write different types of training material in a variety of niches easily.

Thanks to the fair amount of time we have been in business, we often have pre – existing formats to which we can fit your training manuals. This can help you out considerably.

In case you have a specific format you want us to follow, feel free to tell us. We would be more than happy to adjust the material to fit your format.

We can easily create the induction programs and other training courses you may want to have written for your company.

Our writers can write manuals that contain all the relevant technical data, but, at the same time, are pretty easy to understand.

We understand your privacy concerns. We promise you complete anonymity and are happy to sign a non – disclosure agreement to that effect.

To have well – written training material can make a world of difference. It can ensure the smooth functioning of your company with no hitches and great employee relations. Contact us now to find out how we can help.


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Writing4U provided me with training material that I could use. The manuals they wrote were very explained clearly and well – worth the money spent.