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An effective product description can mean the difference between a product becoming a best seller and a product that falls flat on its face. There are many writing services out there who claim to be able to write amazing product descriptions but end up making some fundamental errors. This is all too common in the UAE, where the concept of writing product descriptions and aggressive advertising is relatively recent.

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Our writers have extensive experience writing product descriptions. In business writing, this is one of our niche specializations. We are very easily able to provide a description that is suitable for your product.

The one very important distinguishing feature about our product descriptions is that along with focusing on the product, we focus on the buyer. This is extremely important. We determine the ideal buyer and gear the description towards him or her.

We then focus on the product specifications and try our best to entice buyers by projecting these in a special way. We clearly bring out the benefits of the product.

We make it a point to justify the reasons for citing the product as the very best. This is extremely important. It makes the product seem real and hence, the product description more effective.

We understand the consumer psyche. Hence, we know what looks appealing when designing a product description. We are happy to advise you on the placement, size and types of pictures in the product description. Ours is a complete service.

Make a wise decision. Invest a small portion of your advertising budget on having a great product description written by us. You are sure to love the results.


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The product description written for us was excellent. It was really written in a way that any consumer would love it. We have constantly used Writing4U’s services since the first product description they wrote for us.