Prospecting letters or inquiry letters have fast become a trend in the job hunting process. Especially in the UAE, many large companies do not advertise some great jobs. They simply wait for letters of inquiry to come to them! Naturally, if you don’t have a strong letter of inquiry, you are losing out on many such jobs. WRITING4U comprises of experienced HR professionals in our writing team, who are well – equipped to write absolutely spot on letters of inquiry.


While writing a letter of inquiry, our writers lay stress on the skills and experiences of the applicant. They make it a point to highlight these in a great way.

Our writers are masters at creating compelling reasons why an applicant might like to join a particular company or work a certain job. This is necessary for the company to look at an application favorably.

WRITING4U team knows how to sell using words. It’s what we do! We clearly outline exactly how the applicant can create value for a person. This actually makes the company want to hire them. One of our clients actually told us how a small firm created a position, especially for him, just because they loved his letter of inquiry!

One of the things that set us apart from other services is that our writers know and understand the difference between a letter of interest and a cover letter. Though the line is a bit blurry, it is extremely important. It sets a great letter apart from a good letter.

This may have made you realize why you never seem to be able to live the “Dubai Dream” and why you are unable to find a great cushy job the Middle East is known for! Trust us to write a letter of inquiry for you and watch your fortunes turn.


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Colours Master LLC

Writing a letter for all the business inquiries of our company was a difficult task. Then, finally we got to know about a Professional Content Writing Company i.e. WRITING4U. They are very professional and quick in-terms of content development. Now, all our Business Letters are written by them only. Will highly recommend this company.