How to make resume in 2024 - Writing4u


During this time of the pandemic, it is really hard to look for a job. There are companies that are closing or need to let go of some of their employees in order to sustain their business efficiently. This hurts, especially for those people who have dedicated their time and dedication to their work for many years and end up leaving the company. These uncertain events can happen at any time, so you have to cope with the situation and always prepare yourself with a document that could lead you to employment. Always make sure that you have a thoroughly written resume for your job applications. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience in the field, as long as you have relevant skills, it’s fine, and you may still have the chance to work for that company. Just be presentable, and wise, and show that you have potential. If you are looking for a writing company that has an excellent quality of service, consult Resume Writing in Dubai. Their goal is to write a resume that not only highlights your career and educational background but your strengths and skills as well. If you are in the process of looking for a job this year, let us find the guidelines for writing a resume in 2023. 


1. Be as specific as possible with your information

When we say “be specific,” we are also starting to know your limitations. There are many things that you need to know about submitting a resume in the middle of a pandemic, and companies are not interested in reading a curriculum vitae that looks like an auto-biography because you stated all the things (including personal experiences) that are not related to your job hunting. Your life events may be the reason why you became like that, but a resume is not the perfect place to discuss it. Focus on highlighting your career. Resume Writing in Dubai knows what is relevant and what is not. They know the importance of being specific with information, as they also know the standard of the employers in an applicant. 

2. Confirm that you have the necessary skills

Before you apply for a certain position, make sure that you have all the skills required. You can check it out on Google and evaluate it yourself. If you really have the edge to comply with the job role, well, it still depends on you. If you want to try a new profession, you’d better conduct research about it before you claim that you can do it. A profession is not a joke; it should be taken seriously. Resume Writing in Dubai conducts an interview to highlight your skills. They will know what job position you can apply for based on your strengths as a professional. Just trust their capabilities, but more than anyone, trust yourself and believe that you can do it. 


3. Briefly discuss your career goals

Career objectives are often found at the top. It introduces you as a professional and briefly highlights your past experiences in different fields. It is an overview of your career and it needs to be excellently written as it is always visible at the top, which only means that it may be the first thing that recruiters read on their applicant’s resume. Resume Writing in Dubai can make it more than you expected. They have already proven themselves in the industry, and there is nothing to doubt about their expertise. 

4. Don’t forget your contact information

Once they see your potential, they will contact you for a scheduled interview. So, contact information is very important. It should contain your mobile phone number, active email address, your location, and your professional account on social media. These details will be their contact reference to reach you and bring you the good news that you are short-listed.