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When you want to pursue your Ph.D., there are certain things that you need to accomplish first before finally be enrolled in your dream university. Every student wants quality education, especially when they are in their final academic journey. The challenge will always be overwhelming as you are getting close to your dream. But there is no better shortcut than to accept the challenge. Universities are very particular with their student, especially in graduate programs. They have set high standards, and a student must have all the qualifications to ensure that the student is willing to accomplish the requirements despite the hectic schedule. 


A Ph.D. student should know how to multi-task and use their time efficiently. In able to give an overview about themselves, they must create an SOP or Statement of Purpose. Fortunately, there is a high chance that you can enter your dream school, thanks to the SOP Writing Help in Dubai, student’s life becomes easy as they manage to cater to all the academic needs of a student throughout the years. To further elaborate on this topic, here are the tips in writing a Ph.D. SOP. 


1. Introduce yourself

In the very first place, the main point of the essay is to tell who you are. You are writing an SOP because clearly, you want to prove that you have what it takes to be a Ph.D. student in their respective institution. The essay should tell your intellectual skills and how you come up with the decision to continue your education. Never focus on telling the committee how excellent they are and how honored you are in writing your SOP address to them. They only want to know who you are. That’s it.

2. Focus on the aftermath of your Ph.D. program

Some Ph.D. student’s purpose is to get their advantage and advancement in their job position. You can be a Ph.D. instructor. However, the teaching profession might not be a part of your doctoral program. Even if it is, the university wants to see you focused on research since the Ph.D. program is all about training you to create independent research. But we don’t know what will happen. For now, you have to stick with your plan and follow the guidelines of writing the SOP. 

3. Showcase your research experience and skill 

Highlight your relevant experience and skills that would be a great addition to your Ph.D. program. It is essential that you have your research experience in your essay, even if it is already mentioned in your CV. With the experience, it will help you discuss your interest and skill set. Computer programming experience is a plus factor as you already have a background in software. Make sure that you can also highlight recognitions that you received in writing. If you have high-level writing skills, it may be one of your reasons why you are qualified to enter the university and finish your Ph.D.

4. Share your past issues.

If you have any failed marks in your record that indicate a low grade, do not hesitate to tell the committee how it affects your study and how you manage to get back on track. Do not be afraid to address it in your dream school. At least you are honest with it, and you want to start and begin with another chance to prove that grades don’t define you as a professional someday. Show how do you manage your breakdowns and step up to become better. SOP Writing Help in Dubai helps you to elaborate on what you are trying to convey professionalism. They never fail to give their clients the level of satisfaction they deserve. 


5. Do not focus too much on your work experience

Before you write your essay, you have to note that it is not always helpful to focus more on your work experience in applying to Ph.D. Program. If you can link your work experience to your motivation and the relevant research, that would be acceptable. Just because you have more than ten years of experience doesn’t mean you can effortlessly enter the Ph.D. program. There is no exception, you have to follow the process, and one of these is to write your statement of purpose. SOP Writing Help in Dubai knows what to include and what to exclude. They have skilled writers, and they know what to do or even exceed the expectations of the committee.