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Writing a compelling Statement of Purpose or SOP is one of the main requirements that you need to submit in order to seek admission to your chosen university. However, many students are not aware of what they should include in the essay which can lead to the rejection of their application. For this reason, some people learned their lessons and started to approach a professional SOP Writing Help in Dubai. In this blog, let us discuss some of the most common faults made by students while writing their SOP, and demonstrate ways on how you can avoid them.


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Writing the SOP at the last minute


Never ever underestimate the time and effort it takes to draft a strong and winning statement of purpose. You need to plan ahead so you will have ample time to start brainstorming about the most essential information that you need to incorporate in your essay. This will also help you to carefully list down all of your relevant experiences, key achievements, skills, etc. that will help you to stand out from the competition.

Underestimating the power of introduction and conclusion of your SOP

Always remember that a first impression always makes a long-lasting impression so make sure that your introduction makes an immediate impact on the readers and attracts their attention. Begin with a powerful line that showcases your mindset and aspirations in life while also wrapping it up with final statements that show your knowledge and understanding about the university and program you are applying for. When you take reliable SOP Writing Help in Dubai, rest assured that your essay will be outstanding and impactful.


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Using unprofessional language and impolite tone

Keep in mind that your essay will be read by the admission committee who are considered to be distinguished people in academics. Therefore, you need to write an SOP with appropriate language and vocabulary, as well as correct grammar, spelling, and writing style. Avoid using slang and writing lofty words that you are not familiar with.

Neglecting the guidelines of the university

Each university has set particular guidelines or instructions concerning the statement of purpose writing which include word limit and deadlines. Usually, it is mentioned on their official website or you might need to contact them directly to make sure that you are on the right path. With rich experience and a strong background in writing SOPs, a trusted SOP Writing Help in Dubai will never miss out on any guideline but promise to deliver a perfect essay.

Writing false information about you

Remember that honesty, transparency, and genuineness are the best components of a great statement of purpose. Do not include exaggerated details or non-existent experience because the admission committee can ask for reference and verify your claims in the essay. Thus, stay honest and truthful at all times by mentioning facts or stories that you can prove later on.

Forgetting to edit and proofread the final SOP

After completing the first draft of the essay paper, make sure to have multiple checks across the full document before submitting it to the university. You can also consider letting your family, friends, or SOP Writing Help in Dubai review your work so they can provide feedback for improvement. These final edits and tweaks will definitely help you to increase your rate of acceptance therefore make sure that all content has been proofread until you are satisfied.

We hope that this blog will help you to write a strong and winning statement of purpose. For further help, approach a professional SOP Writing Help in Dubai today.