Academic writing help in Dubai

Academic writing help in Dubai

One of the most challenging tasks a student has to go through is “academic writing”. This is true for people who are simultaneously working and studying as it requires perfect balance in order to succeed. For this reason, many have opted in to connect and seek assistance from reputable Academic Writing Help in Dubai. The best way to illustrate why completing assignments is a serious responsibility that a student must deliver is to review some of the examples of academic writing. In this blog, we will be focusing mainly on the most common types of assignments: dissertation/thesis, research proposals, academic articles, and abstracts.


Dissertation or thesis


A thesis or dissertation is an academic writing that illustrates original research and a general requirement when pursuing a Ph.D. or master’s degree program. Basically, it is developed based on prior research in the field to add valuable contribution and advancement. This type of assignment also seeks to answer a specific research question and can either report on an empirical study or on a literature-based study. Although its purpose and goal is to provide answers to a particular question, we can also say that the process is more important than the actual findings. If you require further assistance with dissertation writing, it is better to work closely with a reliable Academic Writing Help in Dubai. Below is the ideal structure of a thesis or dissertation:


  • Abstract, introduction and the importance of the study
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Results and findings
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion


Some of the dissertation writing strategies you need to remember is to highlight the significance of your study by providing the key points of its advantages and advancement to the body of research. It is also recommended to check the guidelines from your university to guarantee that you are formatting your paper in accordance with the institution’s requirements and expectations. Be ready also to make multiple revisions to your thesis based on the professor’s feedback or suggestions.


Research proposal


This type of academic writing is an outline of the proposed research of a student pursuing a doctoral degree, a private researcher, or a person aiming to obtain a research grant. A research proposal details your intended research question and how it connects to existing research. Moreover, it develops a strong argument for why your research should be selected for advancement, and illustrates the results you wish to accomplish after the research. Based on guidance from Academic Writing Help in Dubai, the research proposal must be structured as follows:


  • A cover letter that briefly summarizes your research proposal and describes compelling reasons why your research should be selected
  • An introduction or abstract
  • A comprehensive statement of the research background, its goal or purpose, and its importance
  • A detailed research plan and methodology that involves a proper timeline (i.e., Gantt chart)


Some of the tips you can consider are to fully understand the complete guidelines and requirements from the university before you start writing your research proposal. Moreover, you need to be more structured in outlining your goals and objectives. Keep in mind that asking for professional guidance from your professors or experts in Academic Writing Help in Dubai will guarantee you to deliver a sound proposal and reduce the risk of rejection.

Academic article


It is a type of academic writing designed for publication in academic journals and other scholarly resources including but not limited to original research study, literature analysis, critique, and other forms of scholarly writing. The basic structure of academic articles are:


  • Title
  • Abstract and keywords
  • Introduction
  • Materials and methods
  • Results or findings
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References and appendices


When writing an article and publishing it in a journal, consider having a second set of educated eyes who can review your paper or seek assistance from the best Academic Writing Help in Dubai who can make corrections on typos, wrong usage of language, spellings, grammar and unclear arguments. It is always better to open up yourself with constructive feedback and continuous improvement to make sure that you will submit academic writing that stands out from other students.



An abstract is a brief summary of an entire thesis or a research paper. It is an original work and should be fully self-contained and make sense by itself, without further reference to external sources or to the actual paper. Here is the ideal structure of an abstract:


  • Background
  • Aims or objectives
  • Methodologies
  • Results or outcomes
  •  Conclusion


In case of challenges, while writing such assignments, we recommend that you contact a professional Academic Writing Help in Dubai. They are highly experienced in complying with the university’s instructions, such as writing the task while staying under the limit of the maximum word count, as well as completing the paper on or before the deadline. In addition, they have a full understanding that an abstract should provide readers their initial impressions of your work regardless of its length.





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