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A lot of people are probably thinking that curriculum vitae and resumes are the same. It’s true, but did you know they’re not the same? It’s a surprise that people are unaware of it. It may be because they are just focused on their goal, which is to submit a CV or resume and have an interview. That is okay. There is nothing to worry about, especially if you are a professional that is seeking a job immediately. You are not required to know about this, but it is truly essential to learn about it for your own knowledge as well. If you are looking for a job and want to submit a curriculum vitae that stands out, consult CV Writing in Dubai. They are trusted for many years of sharing their expertise with their clients. The writers also have good credentials. The writing company hires the best of the best talents in the field, and you can expect that you are in the right hands. To elaborate further, here are the differences between a CV and a resume that you probably should know. 


1. Context

A curriculum vitae is meant to emphasize academic qualifications. It also highlights your experience, achievements, and skills. when a professional is applying for an academic role. For example, if you are in the teaching profession, you must have your curriculum vitae. On a resume, the context should highlight the relevant skills and work experience in the industry, whether public or private sectors, or what we call “industry positions.” CV writing in Dubai knows what they will write for you. They will talk to you about your purpose, and it is up to them how they will be able to pull it all well. 


2. Length

When it comes to length, a curriculum vitae is much longer than a resume. Since a resume is just to highlight the qualifications and your skills, a two-page document is enough. While in curriculum vitae, there are no specific requirements. But you need to discuss the research, presentations, coursework, and publications that you did. Do not be confused about the length. Clearly, a resume is shorter because it only discusses why you are qualified for a certain job role, while a CV is to show that you have a great academic background. 


3. Location

Employers in other parts of the world, such as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and places in Europe, are using the phrase “curriculum vitae” to characterize two very different CV and resume-style docs, but don’t use the word “resume” in any way. The concepts of CV and resume are considered synonymous in Southern Africa, Australia, and India. However, in the United States, a resume and a curriculum vitae are two different types of transcripts used mostly for various purposes. CV writing in Dubai is aware of these geographical location differences. Rest assured that they will first need to know your location before proceeding with the deal. 

4. Function

Since your curriculum vitae is all about your academic qualifications, the content should stay the same. It’s already done; you accomplished a goal and established your reputation through your academic credentials. While a resume can be customized, you can include or exclude information based on the job role for which you are applying.CV writing in Dubai never fails to exceed the expectations of its clients. They are some of the most passionate writers that you will ever encounter, as they also have the same goal as you. You will definitely not regret anything. All you have to do is to listen to their best advice and put your whole trust in their work.