TOK Writing Help in Dubai

TOK Writing Help in Dubai

Theory of Knowledge or TOK essay comprises around 1200 to 1600 words where professors provide a list of topics that you can choose to write on. It is basically a requirement that you need to complete when pursuing an International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme. Most students are experiencing difficulties in developing such types of assignments, hence they have made a decision to seek professional guidance from a respected TOK Writing Help in Dubai. This allows them to concentrate on other academic activities and helps them to get remarkable grades. Over the years, several students have already reaped great benefits from professional TOK Writing Help in Dubai. In this article, let us answer one of the most frequently asked questions, “How to write a TOK essay?” and provide some of the helpful steps that trusted TOK Writing Help in Dubai are using when developing one.

Steps in Writing a TOK Essay


1. Have a full understanding of the topic


Remember that in this kind of essay writing, you should do your level best to understand the command terms and the questions being asked. It requires you to define the keywords, comprehends what the title demands, and come up with a sound response.


2. Strategically select the most appropriate title 

Some of the important factors to consider when choosing a topic is it should be something that is familiar to you or you have a great interest in to say the least. TOK Writing Help in Dubai advises students to not just pick a subject just because it is simple or appealing. Rather, you should invest time to review each topic on the list and ask yourself relevant questions before choosing a suitable title.
3. Rephrase the title in a clear manner

Most of the time, some titles can be complex and confusing when you read them for the first time, or perhaps you will be uncertain on how you can make comparison and contrast. However, you can modify the title in your own words in order to have a clearer picture of what is being asked in the topic and how you can answer it in the best way possible.

4. Familiar yourself with the grading criteria

Upon completing your IB diploma, your essay will be graded based on multiple criteria. So TOK Writing Help in Dubai recommends you to have a copy of it and carefully comply with them while developing your assignment. These areas of evaluating and grading are as follows:

  • Essay should strongly focus on the knowledge issues
  • Essay should illustrate your independent thinking ability
  • Essay should describe in-depth analysis and present sound arguments
  • Essay should have a proper structure

    5. Take time to read the instructions or guidelines


    Keep in mind the relevant keywords stated in the instructions to make sure that your essay paper adheres carefully. #1 TOK Writing Help in Dubai will help you to identify any gray areas or ambiguities linked to the title.

6. Make sure to brainstorm ideas


Do not just dive straight into the step of developing your outline. Through your essay, you need to display evidence that you have attentively thought about the title and are fully prepared to conduct in-depth analysis on it. Make sure to list down all you can think and choose crucial points that are related to each other or those that oppose each other. You might consider doing this with experts like TOK Writing Help in Dubai to guarantee that you are on the right track.


7. Evaluate the knowledge issue in the title


A knowledge issue can be a particular question about how you understand yourself and the world in relation to the quest for knowledge. Moreover, it often relates to 1 or 2 of the 8 AOK and seeks to identify potential conflicts or problems in these AOKs or between them.


8. Start developing your outline


This is the right time to create an outline which will serve as a roadmap for you and structure the essay accordingly. Your outline should consist of 5 paragraphs:

  • Paragraph 1: Your introduction should include explanations and interpretations of the title.
  • Paragraph 2: It should contain the first AOK and provide counter-arguments or limitations of the examples to support your claim.
  • Paragraph 3: It should tackle how the subject answers the title and supporting examples.
  • Paragraph 4: It should comprise the third area of knowledge.
  • Paragraph 5: it should summarize your main ideas and restate your dissertation.

    9. Create your thesis statement


    A thesis statement is the main claim you want to incorporate in the TOK essay. The right time to do it is after completing the first draft because you will have better insights regarding main arguments in the essay. Working closely with TOK Writing Help in Dubai will enable you to produce a clear, coherent and concise thesis statement.

10. Write the TOK essay


It should have a word count of around 1200 to 1600 words. Always go back to your brainstorming notes to find relevant points that will help you in creating a solid essay. In case you don’t have the luxury of time to write these types of assignments, a TOK Writing Help in Dubai can help you conceptualize the academic writing and get it done within the shortest time possible without sacrificing the quality of work.

11. Make sure to proofread your essay


You need to avoid submitting a TOK essay that is full of grammatical or spelling mistakes. It’s highly recommended to invest time in proofreading the paper. This gives you an opportunity to improve it further with a fresh mind and eyes to go over it.

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