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The International Baccalaureate’s (IB) extended essay is a mandatory core component of the diploma program. It is an independent project by students who takes any opportunity to further elaborate a topic of special interest. Sometimes, it tackles the outside scope of its curriculum. Typically, an IB extended essay is consists of a 4000-word essay, which can result in approximately 40 hours of working. IB extended essay is really broad as it allows students to choose their topic and research questions from a subject group. This helps the student to improve their time management, develop an outstanding university level of writing, enhance the ability to gather and evaluate information, and last but most important is to develop a high-level research skill. We can’t deny the fact that most students are struggling to produce a competent essay. It’s because they are not used to making a modern-day essay. We are fortunate enough that we live in a world where help is just one-consult away. IB extended essay writing help in UAE is the most reliable source of help in terms of academic and professional service. They have experts who willingly help students to grow through the process and manifest their time in doing other things that matter. To know more about the IB extended essay, we think you should understand how to write an IB extended essay.


1. Choose a topic that is broad but not too narrow


Brainstorm a topic that uses a comparison. Students always try to use comparisons to formulate their main arguments. It is useful for an independent personal point of view that can alone while you are trying to discuss or convey a topic. When choosing a comparative topic, it should be significant. Be specific but not that specific you can’t write 4000 words on it.


2. Ask assistance from the experts who are familiar with your topic


IB extended essay writing help in UAE guaranteed a professional and reliable service coming from their experts in the field. They are research enthusiasts and have proven to have excellent writing skills. Once you handle your papers to them, you are in good hands. They know what to do, what to avoid, and what to attain to reach certain objectives at the end of the essay.



3. Surround yourself with people that have the same goal like yours


Your classmates have a different adaptation of vibes that you can easily cope up but nothing beats the people who will push you to be your best. During your dark hours in your academic life, you must have someone to light up the room that brings joy and positivity. Communicate with each other and share your thoughts about the IB extended essay. Suggest and help if you can, that means a lot to someone who struggles in their academic track.


4. Make sure that you have a clear structured essay


An essay with unclear structure can be graded poorly and we don’t want it to happen. That is one of the nightmares of students, to receive a low grade. So, before you come up with several conclusions, think of a strategy that you can use to create an essay that meets the standards of the professors. IB extended essay writing help in UAE provides an excellent quality essay. Aside from they already master the perfection of a well-structured essay, they are also guaranteed 100% plagiarism-free. Their ideas always came from their perception.

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5. Start your essay now


A 4000-word essay is not easy. It takes weeks of hard work to finally say that you are done. Some schools think that students can incorporate an extended essay in less than 3-4 days. So, we advise you to start now, prepare yourself, and conduct research.